Elbląg - Trails

Get to know Elbląg, its attractions and history.

Wirtualny przewodnik

Virtual guide

Thanks to the modern virtual guide solution, you won't miss any attraction you wanted to see.
                 This intuitive solution will inform you as soon as you approach selected places.

                 You will be able to read or listen to their story.

Wirtualny przewodnik
Wirtualny przewodnik

Map with all interesting places

Thanks to the map integrated with the application you will find all the attractions of Elbląg.
                 You can easily determine your position so that you can reach the place of interest as soon as possible.


Discover the Elbląg attractions

All the interesting objects collected in one place.
Thanks to intuitive groups, you will easily find places of interest.

Wirtualny przewodnik
Wirtualny przewodnik

Follow the thematic routes

You want to explore a specific route, nothing simpler!
                 The map will guide you along the most interesting tourist routes, and the virtual guide will not let you bypass even one place.


Quests - a city game

Join our fun and discover the fascinating Elbląg!
                 Read the directions, find places and learn their history.

Wirtualny przewodnik

Download the application

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